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Throughout my 25+ year career in the Gwinnett Tax Commissioner Office, I have been consistent in ensuring exceptional financial management and top-notch service. When I assumed the role as your Tax Commissioner in May 2022, I brought to the role a statewide reputation for exceptional financial responsibility and flawless accounting skills. As your Gwinnett Tax Commissioner, I am driven by three core commitments to our county and community:
Exceptional Fiscal Management

My first responsibility is to maintain high accountability standards to ensure that taxpayers are aware of the tax savings that they are eligible for.  My role is to provide guidance and assistance in order to help them save money on their taxes. The Gwinnett Tax Commissioner’s Office handles over $1.9 billion dollars in tax revenue annually, and I have the experience needed to ensure transparency and thorough collections and disbursements.


My personal commitment to our Gwinnett neighbors is to constantly look for and implement ways to enhance the Customer Service experience. I will continue to pioneer new technologies and communication tools that make our office user-friendly. 

Superior Ethical Standards Driven by Service

I have a meaningful track record of success to ensure that my office is accountable to the community I serve. Service requires accessibility, and I am determined to both be engaged in community outreach and to set an office standard focused on service excellence.

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